Thursday, June 9, 2016

The man who converts old sarees into beautiful bed spreads

For Bangaloreans, Commercial Street is undoubtedly one of the favorite shopping spots. More than guys, the bustling lanes of Commercial Street spread out loads of delightful options for all those pretty girls.

During one of those lazy strolls devoid of any purpose, my wife and I noticed that narrow path between two shops. Only one person can comfortably walk on that narrow path that leads to what seems to be a house. What caught our attention was, both the sides of the wall were beautifully decorated by the unique and colorful quilts/bedspreads. By the time we reached that house, we got to see all the varieties available in that place.

An aged guy (Fazal) wearing white vest and trouser welcomed us. “Come Sir... Come in… I have more options inside.” We entered his work place, which is a room with a sewing machine surrounded by a huge bunch of sarees and quilts/ bedspreads.

“Here are more options. All stitched using old sarees. You just give me old sarees, within a week I will give you a beautiful long-lasting bedspread made out of Recron Fiber Fill. In shops they would easily charge over Rs. 1500/. I give you good quality stuff which is washable like your normal bedsheet.” He spoke to us in fluent English which is unusual among other shop owners in Commercial Street.

“I’m not doing it for money. This is not my profession. It is my passion. I’m staying upstairs and this is my work area. It is just a time pass for me.” He was very open and friendly.

We took his business card and decided to give it a try. When we visited him the next time, we took an old saree and gave it to him. What we got it return, though after a week’s delay, was amazing.

I was impressed with his idea of using old sarees to stitch bedspread. I liked his unique selling proposition (USP) as it gives a personal touch to the customers and they would be excited to use those old sareers which otherwise would be of no use. When it comes to quality, it is far better than those quilts/bedspreads that we get in super markets.

Just to appreciate his innovative thinking and talent, I thought of sharing this :)

M Fazal
Comfort Bedding
No. 91, Jumma Masjid Road (OPH Road)
Shivajinagar, Bangalore
Mobile: 8105073730        

Comfort Bedding @ Commercial Street

Work place...

More Options...

Mr Fazal helping us pack the bedspread

Bedspread that we got :)

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